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Help Us to Help Them!​



Sunny Brook Farm and Sanctuary is a small no kill animal rescue located in Northeastern Connecticut. We are a 501c3 non profit so all donations are tax deductible.



The mission of the sanctuary is to improve the lives of animals and further the common goals of other rescue associations wherever there is a need.

The guiding vision of Sunny Brook Farm and Sanctuary is to establish a safe haven for homeless animals in need, to provide both permanent and temporary shelter for various animals, and to provide animals with the necessary treatments to improve their quality of life.

The Sanctuary Animals
What we do...

Sunny Brook Farm and Sanctuary strives to provide the best care for each animal that comes here. The sanctuary is a life time care facility that spares no expense in making sure each animal's emotional and physical needs are met. The sanctuary takes in animals that most find unadoptable due to medical or behavioral reasons.

What we want to do...

Sunny Brook Farm and Sanctuary would like to find a few homes that would be willing to take on a senior cat or two into their home. The foster would provide the love and we provide the rest. Some animals have lived in a home their entire lives, but get uprooted unexpectedly especially if they have an elderly owner who passes or moves into senior housing where animals are not allowed. If you think you can provide a home to a senior please contact us.


Get Involved
Sponsor a Feline Spay/Neuter!
Help save community cats by sponsoring a surgery through a local, Northeastern CT program ($90 males, $100 females - includes rabies and distemper vaccines).
​SPAY $100


The cats Thank You!


Sanctuary Cats- Ongoing

Watch facebook for updates on the current residents and new arrivals. We hope to find people who would like to foster a senior cat for the remainder of their lives (Forever Foster Program).

Location: At the Sanctuary



Fundraising - Ongoing

Use the Donate button to sponsor an animal for the month.


Yard Sale - Summer- 8am-2pm

60 Aston Lane

Middletown, CT


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